Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where in the (Walt Disney) World Wednesday-Garden View Lounge

From 2pm-5pm every day tea is served at the Garden View Lounge. You must make reservations as you would with any other sit down dining option on property. My mom and I arrived on time and only had to wait for about 5 minutes before a table opened up. The Lounge is directly off the main lobby so you can hear the piano playing while you sip your tea and champagne. 

There is an extensive menu with a few different options. The option I chose was the Grand Tea, which included three "courses," a tea selection, and a glass of champagne. The first course was a variety of tea sandwiches, second was a scone and tart with jam, and then for dessert you chose from a selection of pastries. Included with your food was any selection of tea and a glass of champagne. Options like "The Princess Kate" or "The Mrs.Potts" all have different inclusions. Throughout your meal your personal tea pot is kept warm in a tea cozy. In addition to the predetermined options, you could order appetizers/starters separately. So if one of the set menus doesn't look appealing you create your own meal. 



First Course-oops I took a bite before I took a picture!

Second Course-Lemon Curd, Butter, Jam

Dessert-my favorite! (Can you tell I like chocolate?)

I had the Masala Black Tea Chai which was one of the seasonal offerings. My mother chose the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, isn't that a fun name!? I enjoyed both-- mine was more of a traditional tea where my mothers was more fruity. Each pot of tea hold about 4 cups, so we had plenty to share with each other. 

There were a few grandmothers, mothers, daughters enjoying tea together as well as families, dads, and daughters. It really was a place for everyone, not just girls can enjoy afternoon tea! Although I'm very glad I was able to try something new and spend the afternoon with my mother, this isn't something I would put on my "to-do" list for every trip. It's nice for a celebration, or a special afternoon outing. 


QOTD: Have you ever attended afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian? When would it be something you would consider trying?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

May Designs - Favorite product of the week

So Lauren has mentioned how she loves to write down her goals. I also still love to make a training guide and I feel awesome when I can cross something off or write down what I did! It makes me feel accomplished! What can we say we are traditional!

My sister found this wonderful little company that has some great custom designed books. May Designs has so many wonderful May Books and Notecards you can customize.


You can create what it looks like on the outside with some great patterns and customize what pages are on the inside from templates they provide. They are Eco friendly, fun, and super cute!

 I found they have a fitness one and I just can't get enough! I have the shopping list/meal planner one now and I can't wait to get some more! I don't know what it is about making a list or writing down my goals in an awesomely designed book but it makes it that much better!





QOTD: Is a #maybook something that would help you reach your fitness goals? 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Training Update-Nike Women's Half DC

Time to come clean, I have been doing some serious slacking in training for my 2nd half. I know what factors have been affecting my training or lack thereof. I also know that I'm only hurting myself and no one else can run this race but me. GAHHH I know better but why do I keep doing this to myself?! Here's the culprits of why my performance has been so lack-luster.

1. Weather

When I moved from Florida back home to New Jersey this past April, I distinctly remember telling my boyfriend, Bryan (who was born in Florida and raised in Minnesota) "Winters in New Jersey are nowhere near as bad as Minnesota winters." Insert foot into mouth. Thank you universe for rewarding us with the worst winter New Jersey has seen in YEARS. When I started running last February, I could just hop outside in my shorts in the 70 + degree weather and take a loop around the neighborhood whenever I pleased. Now I have to bundle up, drive to the gym, fight through the after work crowd to secure a treadmill etc. I'm really missing the convenience factor the warm weather affords you of being able to run outside whenever you please. Considering the bulk of my training is during these frigid winter months I really need to dig extra deep for that motivation.

2.  Lack of Training Partner

Part of the reason I felt so prepared for Wine & Dine was because I had Kayla as a training buddy. There was always someone to talk and share the experience with. I was always researching and looking for any tips that would help us along our new endeavor. Part of this second half still doesn't feel like it's happening because I'm not constantly talking about it or obsessing over it with someone else. Reality check-It's happening whether I'm prepared or not!

3. I'm a HUGE procrastinator

Plain and simple. I have perfected the art of procrastinating. One of my interior design professors at school called interior designers "Professional Procrastinators," and I couldn't find it to be more true. I'm used to being able to pull an all nighter and come out with a decent product. Half marathon training is one place in my life where I know that pushing everything off to the last minutes will NOT help. It will probably just leave me injured and unhappy. 

When I signed up for this race I thought I'd be able to go out and crush my last half time. I had figured out all my problem areas the last round of training; this time I just needed to go out and put in the work. I haven't been putting in as much work as I should and I'm at the point now where I'm telling myself, "Enough! Put on your big girl panties and do the work!" 

From here on out I've written every workout on my calendar so I have to look at it every day. I can tell Bryan on any given day to make sure I go do my run and he is more than happy to remind me and give me the push I need. Since I don't have a training partner to hold me accountable, he is great at making sure I do what I've set out to do for the day. I can tell you this past week I've gotten in all my training runs and I already feel better. Why don't I do this all the time?! It's been the push I need to keep me going in the right direction. 


QOTD: What do you do to keep your motivation up during training when you're just not feeling it?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where in the (Walt Disney) World Wednesday-The Villas at the Grand Floridian

As promised, I have some great things to share with you from my most recent WDW trip. Over the 4 nights my mom and I were at Disney we stayed at The Beach Club, Saratoga Springs, and the brand new Grand Floridian Villas. Guys. They are BEAUTIFUL. I died and went to Interior Designer nerd heaven. Lets start from the beginning though before I get too ahead of myself.

The Villas are a short walking distance from the main building of the Grand Floridian. Franck's Bridal Salon and The Wedding Pavilion are your next door neighbors here so there's always a chance you can catch some magical moments being made. 

When you walk into the lobby you are greeted by this adorably Marry Poppins themed fountain. To the left are a few desks where you sit and check-in and to the right is a little seating area and of course a TV with Disney cartoons playing to keep the little ones occupied. 

We made our way up to our room which was beautifully decorated in shades of mint and pale blue. We had a studio which can sleep up to 5 people! The sofa pulls into a bed as does the console-TADA!

The Console Pulls Out Into ANOTHER Bed!
Since it's possible to sleep so many people in the smallest room offered there are 2 bathroom areas that are connected but can be closed off from one another. One central area that has the coolest sink/mirror combo ever.


There's a TV in the mirror!

To the left is a standard shower/tub combo and the toilet. To the right is a beautiful and very large walk-in shower. You have a choice of using either the standard shower head, or the rain shower head coming in from the ceiling. What a rough way to start the day! Do I want to use the regular or rain shower head-decisions, decisions.

I wouldn't mind showering there everyday

Directly across from the bathroom is a little wet bar area that has your standard mini-fridge, sink, coffee maker, toaster, and microwave. 

As if this room weren't amazing enough check out the view of the Magic Kingdom we had!

I spy Space Mountain
When the doors to the balcony were open you could hear the music from the Magic Kingdom and the sounds of the steam train. I didn't find the noise to be disturbing when the doors were closed and we were trying to sleep at night which will be good for those with little ones and anyone who likes peace and quite.

Admittedly, I was never that big of a fan of the Grand Floridian, but the villas have totally won me over. It's in a great location. We were able to walk to the Polynesian for Tonga Toast for breakfast. Though the monorail doesn't stop at the villas, there's a quick walk in a covered walkway to the main building to catch it. 

What I want to know is when can I move into this place? If anyone from Disney is reading I'd like to make one of the new villas into my own personal on property apartment!


QOTD: Have you stayed at the Grand Floridian Villas or are you planning to for an upcoming trip? What are you most looking forward to?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wine & Dine Expo 2013

Sorry Kayla and I have been MIA the past week! Kayla was sick during the time I was away and now we're both playing catch up at work! I'll have some great stuff to share with you guys about my trip in the coming weeks.

Now that Wine and Dine has sold out in record time, we're going to recap our experience from last year. Wine and Dine was our first half and is very special for both of us. So for those of you whose first race will be Wine and Dine 2014 we're here to tell you don't worry! If you put in the training this will be a magical experience!

Kayla and I both arrived in Orlando around 10:30am and decided to meet in front of the Disney Store at the airport. It was that day we learned a very important lesson that there's a Disney store in terminal A and terminal B. After a phone conversation going something like... "I'm in front of the Disney Store, where are you?" "No you're not, I'm in front of the Disney Store I don't see you," we found each other and boarded the Magical Express.

Once we arrived at the Boardwalk we breezed through check-in, dropped our stuff off and grabbed a quick snack. There was a large sign in the lobby with transportation information for race weekend making the buses easy to find. 

We probably didn't get to the expo until 2:00/2:30 and were pleasantly surprised with the lack of crowds. After watching the expo fiasco of the Disneyland Half unfold over social media I was very hesitant to see if any merchandise would be left or if there were huge lines. Luckily neither was the case ; we were able to move around the official race merchandise area very freely where I snagged a tech-t and a sweaty band.

We found our way to the Raw Threads booth which was crowded but we managed to get through pretty quickly because we could pay in cash-score! We had purchased everything on our wish list at that point and wandered around soaking everything about our first expo in. We did feel slightly over stimulated and no idea where to turn next. There was just so much to see and do!

Since we had skipped picking up our bib's first we went over to the HP Field House to do so. That process was painless with only one person in front of me. We had run a 15K a few weeks prior and got moved up 3 corrals at runner relations! Luckily for us this was the last race where you were able to change corrals at the expo. Now that we have a few races under our belts this won't be of a major concern anymore. 

We headed back over to the Josten's Center to pick up our shirts and take photos with our bibs. Overall we had a pretty successful first expo. Next time around it would be great to check out some of the speaker series as well. 

QOTD: When do you think is the best time to hit up the expo?