Monday, August 11, 2014

What's Been Happening in the World of RunDisney?!

Since I've been MIA for about a month now I feel like A TON of stuff has been happening on the RunDisney front. Let's go through it all and catch up together. 

  1. Princess Half Marathon early registration: Got signed up for Glass Slipper Challenge no problem-check!
  2. Princess Half Marathon has a freak out and so do all the princesses trying to register: Thank goodness I signed up before I went away and didn't have to deal with that on top of minimal/no internet coverage
  3. RunDisney announces a Castway Challenge for Princess runners: Hmmm I wouldn't hate going on another cruise, maybe next year so I can save more
  4. All Wine & Dine weekend medals were announced: Still not too sure how crazy I am about the anniversary medal, still doesn't mean I'm not trying to figure out if there's any way to run it
  5. RunDisney announces the Pixie Dust Challenge! Now Tink runners can earn 3 medals between 2 races as well: This should've been a challenge last year, glad RunDisney responded to runner feedback!
  6. Tinkerbell Half Marathon early registration: Sold out quickly, the norm.
  7. The Avengers medals are announced!: Not a huge avengers fan, am eh about the medals. I'd rather see what the Star Wars ones will look like!
RunDisney has been BUSY the past month. It's hard to keep up with it all when you're not plugged into social media 24/7. Luckily I was able to sign up for the races I wanted without much trouble. Now I can sit back and relax until TOT weekend, or until RunDisney makes another big announcement.

QOTD: What kinds of events would you love to see RunDisney announce in the future?

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Quick Update & Big News Revealed

You thought I'd gone on vacation and never came back-huh? I wish that was the case! July was a crazy month and I can't believe we're already into August. So here's a quick update on what's been going on/what's happening. Let's back up a little bit first.

After 4th of July weekend I went into overdrive mode to get ready for Workcamp. This years Workcamp was 36 high school students and 16 advisors going up to Maine to help work on homes for those in need. I was in charge of doing the pre-workcamp shopping trip, so all of the non-perishable, paper items etc. Luckily for me my mom was around and volunteered to help with the Cost-Co trip. We divided the 2 page list in half and each took a cart and got to work. Along with helping with group preparations, I needed to get all my tools/clothes together for myself. The Saturday after 4th of July we loaded everyone up on the bus and made our way up to Maine! 

Photo: On a bus with 36 high schoolers and 14 other advisors on our way to Maine for the week!
Ready to roll out!

We spent an amazing week helping out the community and bonding with one another without the hassle of technology. Sadly, I had to leave a few days early to come back home for the Disney cruise that my WHOLE family was going on. Ok, maybe leaving for a cruise isn't too sad, but you catch my drift. Within the course of 24 hours I drove from Maine to NJ. Finished packing whatever I needed for the cruise that I hadn't done before I left for Maine and got some sleep. Woke up the next morning, got on the plane, and was in Florida in no time.

Photo: What a difference 24 hours makes, I've been from Pemaquid, Maine to Orlando, Fl. Lauren-1 East Coast-0
Top Pic: Maine on Friday
Bottom Pick: Florida on Saturday

Saturday night we went to Jellyroll's to celebrate my mom's birthday before we all had to head off for the cruise the next morning. Sunday I started off with a quick run around the Boardwalk (one of my favorite Disney running spots) and then the 12 of us got ready to say Bon Voyage! 

The Grandkids

For 4 nights we sailed on the Disney Dream enjoying all it had to offer. We rode slides in Nassau, ran the Castaway Cay 5K, and conquered the Aqua Duck! I'll do a full post on the cruise and on the 5K because there was just so much to offer and we had an absolute blast.

Since we've been back my focus has been on cleaning and packing because Bryan and I will be moving back to Florida!! It wasn't an easy decision but it's one we're very excited about. We'll be relocating back to the Orlando area (which first thing that popped into my mind was-I can #runalltheraces)! I have an addiction people. Anyways, in less than 2 weeks we'll be in the sunshine state. So sorry if posts are lacking and sporadic but I hope to be sharing lots of good news with you as the move progresses. 

QOTD: Have you ever been on a Disney cruise? Where's your favorite place you've moved to? What kind of fun stuff do you want me guys to keep you updated on once I'm back in Orlando?