About Lauren

I'm Lauren, a twenty-five year old former WDW Cast Member and life long Disney fanatic! I'm a self proclaimed "Jersey Girl" who never thought I would one day be able to call myself a half-marathoner.

I was fortunate enough while I grew up to visit WDW almost every year, sometimes multiple times a year. I thought of myself as something of a Disney expert, I was able to navigate the parks without a map after-all!  After I graduated from High Point University, I found myself headed to Walt Disney World's College Program. During my time on the College Program I found myself experiencing a whole different side of Disney. I thought I knew everything before, but now I knew how the magic was made and became part of the show. I still to this day love going to Disney and will always look at it in awe, but after my CP I thought I had really seen all of WDW (or close to it).

Athletically, I grew up dancing and playing lacrosse. I loved both activities but absolutely hated anything having to do with running. During lacrosse practices we would often be sent on a 30 minute run though town. I often found myself at the back of the pack huffing and puffing, hating every second and wishing for those 30 minutes to pass quickly. 

Never having thought of myself as a runner, a RunDisney even was something I always admired other people for accomplishing but could never see myself doing. As fate would have it, Kayla and I got to talking about RunDisney events and decided to pull the trigger. What had we just gotten ourselves into?! Armed with my Ease into 5K app I started training. I remember how hard those first few runs were. Running for 30 seconds was tough, how could I handle 13.1 miles?! Through a lot of trial and error we made it to Wine and Dine 2013 where we ran our first half-marathon. Now Kayla and I are hooked, even obsessed, and are discovering a whole new world of Disney experiences together. 

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