Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rock Climbing

Last weekend I got the chance to go rock climbing. If you had asked me prior to last weekend I would've been like "I love rock climbing," because you know, going a few times on cruise ships, and on smaller walls totally makes me an expert. Guys, this place I went to was INTENSE. These people are no joke. Is this what it feels like when people stumble into the running community? 

There were easy walls, the grips were animals and letters (yup, we started here), medium walls which were slightly taller and had more traditional grips. Then harder walls such as one with splits where you had to climb in between the crevice, and walls that were inverted. Each wall included colored tape paths for you to follow depending on your desired difficulty level.

See the rhino grip below my foot?!

Anyways I had a blast and got in an awesome workout at the same time. We had 90 minutes of climbing with a guide from the gym. They started us off on one of the easier walls to get a feel for our skill level. As our time went on we tried more and more difficult walls. It was great to be able to conquer walls that inverted over the ground (scary!) but the more difficult the walls were, the more tired they made us. The trick to keep from getting too tired was to use your legs to get you up the wall more than your arms. This seems counter intuitive but you got up the wall faster and kept your arms feeling fresh. 

This wall kicked my butt-see the crevice to the right...
I think I'll need more practice first
On my last wall I had obviously been using my arms a little too much on the previous walls because they were shaking and I slipped a few times-oops! Luckily you're harnessed in so you end up just awkwardly hanging in mid-air. Once you made your triumphant climb to the top you got to repel back down the wall. As a group we decided the repelling down the wall was the best part, except for the part where you have to climb up the wall first haha!  

Going back down the wall-weeee!

Overall I think this was a great cross training workout and had a blast. I may look into going rock climbing again in the future!


QOTD: Have you ever been rock climbing, or do you do some unique cross training?


  1. I LOOOOOVE rock climbing. I haven't been in a really long time, though. I wish I could find a place that offered a reasonable price for an annual pass around here. It is such a great arm and core workout!!

    1. The rate we got was for an intro class that needs to have at least 5 people. That was $24 each for 90 minutes which is great. Otherwise they're kind of pricey unfortunately, I may just have to stick with the occasional cruise ship rock wall.