Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nike Women's Half Marathon DC- #RunnersLove Meetup & Expotique

I can't believe race weekend has come and gone already! Last Friday night, Bryan and I made the drive from New Jersey down to Virginia. A few of my friends from college live in the area so we were able to stay with one (and her new dog!) Friday night. 


Saturday morning we drove into Georgetown around 10:00/10:30 for the #runnerslove meetup at Sprinkles. Just driving around you could see the masses of runners making their way to packet pickup and the Expotique. As we got to Sprinkles, there were even more amazing #runnerslove ladies taking over the cupcake shop. A huge THANK YOU to Kristy and Meg for organizing this get together. We all chatted for a bit, ate cupcakes and got to know each other. Since it was so beautiful out we moved outdoors to a cute garden down the block. After a while we all parted ways, I needed to go pick up my packet!

Nike Women's Half Marathon everywhere!

We didn't make it down to packet pick up without a pit stop at the Nike store. I had pre-ordered items online but there was still a water bottle that I had my eye on. I got into the store and to the right was a wall lit up with the course map and the TIFFANY NECKLACE that we'd be receiving the next day! Sidenote: I've been so obsessed with this pattern, I wanted to get my nails painted with in it. You can't imagine how excited I was when I saw it was going to be our medal!

I'm famous!

After snagging my water bottle, I headed outside to find my name on the We Run DC wall. Holy crowds batman. There's girls everywhere with their eyes fixated on the wall scanning for their name crossing up and down the sidewalk in front of it, guilty! It took me a few minutes, but there I was!

Everything moved quickly even though there were a good amount of
people in each area

Now that that was done, on to packet pickup! I was expecting a HUGE line to get my bib at noon on Saturday, but I was in and out withing 5 minutes, it was seamless. First, you'd go to the packet pickup tent, there you scanned your race pass from your We Run DC app and all your information appeared. Once you confirmed all the information was correct, you were given your bib, pace bracelet, and all other info, then directed to go to the next tent to pick up your shirt. Again, I walked right in, up to the counter, the girl checked my bib for my shirt size and I was off. 

Unfortunately for me, that's where the "busy but moving quickly" stopped. We passed the "We Run" sign on the way down to the expotique. The line to take a picture with the sign was 45 minutes long. I won't even wait that long for character pictures in Disney! I kept moving down to the expotique tent which was PACKED. I did love the personalized sign with your name when you walked in. Besides that there were so many people I could barely move, let alone see what was going on. If I wasn't visiting friends as well I might have stayed a little while longer and tried to check out the products. I decided I got what I needed and it was time to go catch up and relax with my college friends. 

Photo: Taking a 13.1 mile tour of our nations Capitol tomorrow. Half #2 I'm coming for you #werundc #nike #nikerunning
Ready for race day!

Nike knows what they're doing when it comes to race weekends, but my biggest problem was SPACE. You have 15,000 runners plus whoever their traveling with and there are only a few tents and a store for expo/packet pick up. Georgetown can be a logistical nightmare before you add that many extra people in. I would've loved to have been able to actually move in the expotique and not feel like I was fighting crowds almost the entire time. In hind sight, I probably would have taken Friday off of work, come down early, and gone to the expotique Friday afternoon. I would imagine the crowds would've been much less then. Besides that I really can't complain. Nike is a marketing/branding genius and knows how to cater to the women running their races. 

QOTD: Have you ever experienced an overly crowded expo? How does it effect your race weekend?



  1. I agree, the crowds were insane. But being that I go to Disney World where crowds are constant, they don't bother me as much as they used to lol! At the end of the day, as long as I see and do everything I want, I'm good! I could NOT believe the lack of restrooms though. Yeesh!

    I am so glad we got to meet up last weekend - can't wait for next time! :0)

  2. After working at Disney I knew when to go to avoid the crowds so I got SPOILED! And don't get me started on the restrooms, my tiny bladder was not happy.

    I can't wait to see you again at more races in the future, hope you had a safe trip home!