Monday, February 10, 2014

After Workout Fueling

I really like Muscle Milk. It's a great source of protein! Yes runners need to fuel and have lots of energy which is gained mostly from carbs. Runners build a lot of lean muscle as oppose to "bulking up" which is what muscle milk or protein products are associated with. So high protein products aren't crucial to a runners diet, I've even done some research and most say runners shouldn't drink muscle milk. But I don't care, I usually drink it after a very intense work out or very long run. And it's been so satisfying! I can feel my legs feeling better quicker after a long workout since I started drinking the stuff. I used to have intense practices when I played lacrosse, I wish I would've had muscle milk then. I really do feel a difference. 

Lately, I am running around like crazy too! It's busy season at Liberty Travel and I'm working long hours. I enjoy muscle milk when I can't eat and enjoy a full meal, for example while I'm at work. Something else I love about this product is that it tastes good! The chocolate flavor actually gives me my chocolate fix if I'm having a bit of a craving. You know we all have them!

I guess I just wanted to put it out there that just because it's a protein product doesn't mean runners should "run away" from trying it.


QOTD: Have you ever used Muscle Milk? What do you like do drink post workout?


  1. I see this advertised often but have never tried muscle milk. I don't often drink "milk" but I do drink vanilla almond milk often. Post workout drink is always water though!

    1. You won't find me without my Camelback during the day, but I love chocolate milk for post workout! I still haven't tried Muscle Milk even though Kayla keeps raving about it!