Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Where in the (Walt Disney) World Wednesday-Pick-a-Peal (Japan)

I have a new favorite must-do activity while visiting Epcot. During our first half marathon and celebrating after at the the food and wine festival in Epcot, Lauren and I were all about trying new things in the place we thought we knew oh so well. 

I wanted to get something extra special to commemorate this trip. Something we both had never done before. So I convinced Lauren (which wasn't difficult) to go pick out our own oysters. After opening the oyster you are guaranteed to get an awesome pearl. You can then create your own piece of jewelry with it too! 

We went to Mitsukoshi in Japan, in Epcot! Definitely the best place to pick your own pearl. There are other places 
to do this on Disney property but Japan is by far the best in my opinion. 

You pick an oyster out of a tank. Then the wonderful cast members open the oyster up for you and present your pearl! 

They put on a nice show to get the crowd (and mostly the person picking the oyster pumped up)! It was so fun. You can then enjoy the pearl as is after they clean it. Or the best part, I was able to get my pearl placed in a ring setting! 

I loved the experice! I will be back again I'm sure! I think a new necklace is in order after my next race, don't you?
Oh and remember the biggest and ugliest oyster produce the biggest and rarest pearls!


QOTD: Have you picked your own pearl? Would you display it as a piece of jewelry? 

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