Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is just a week away. If you're anything like me you will procrastinate getting chocolates, cards, flowers, etc. until the night before. You'll find yourself standing in the card aisle with everyone else looking slightly sheepish that you've put so much thought into your loved ones. 

Don't fret, I have come to the rescue and have complied a list of great Valentine's for any runner in your life!

1. Pro Compression Marathon Socks


Show your runner you love them with these aptly themed compression socks. Whoever receives this gift will be reminded of you every time they wear them. They may also come in handy for a race costume down the line (Queen of Hearts anyone?). 

For the ladies in your life Sweaty Bands always make a great gift. They do not budge an inch the entire day and look great. Every time I wear a Sweaty Band I'm complimented on it, and what girl doesn't love compliments? It's the gift that's going to keep on giving. 

Who doesn't love getting a package full of surprises on their doorstep? The runnerbox will send your runner samples of various products for them to try. You can give a monthly subscription, a one time gift box, or they even have a special Valentine's Box (it's like they've done all the planning for you already)!

4. Massage


Regardless of whether your runner has been training non-stop or not, who doesn't love a good massage? I'm sure your runner has a very close relationship with their foam roller, but sometimes the roller just won't cut it. Treat them to some pampering and I can guarantee they will be thankful to have someone work all those knots out of their calves. 

5. Race Entry

Any runner would love free race entry; I'm pretty sure we all not so secretly want to #runalltheraces. If we had money trees and no jobs or obligations we would, but alas, we don't live in this fantasy land. A race entry could be anything for a great themed fun run/5K to a big event like a RunDisney weekend. If you're a fellow runner, join in with them, if not, make sure to be watching from the sidelines with an embarrassing (yet endearing) sign showing your support!

If all else fails and you still let procrastination get the best of you, just remember you can never go wrong with chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. 


QOTD: As a runner, what would you like to receive for Valentine's Day?

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