Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Smash the Half

As many of you are well aware by now Disneyland has another half to add to it's roster! RunDisney announce that #SmashTheHalf would be an Avenger's themed race weekend. Since there was much speculation that an Avengers race was in the works, the theme of the race did not come as much of a surprise. 

Photo Courtesy of RunDisney

What did come as a surprise was the race date, November 14-16, just one weekend after Wine & Dine on the east coast. While we think it's great that there's another chance for runners to earn a Coast-to-Coast medal, it seems strange that there would be a back-to-back race weekend on the West Coast/East Coast since Tink was just moved further out from Marathon Weekend. We'll see how the new back-to-back race weekends work out in the fall.

The Avenger Super Heroes Half Marathon starts at $195, which is right on par with the Disneyland Half. There will also be an Avengers Super Heroes 5K starting at $70 and Kid's Races for $20. 

What we would love to see is a Star Wars weekend come to Walt Disney World in during Star Wars weekend (perhaps a night race?) and have a special Coast-to-Coast challenge like the pink medal for Tink/Princess weekend. We also would love to see the Avenger's theme more developed into perhaps a larger challenge weekend for the west coast. I'm not much of a superhero person, but I do love me some Iron Man (maybe Robert Downey Jr helps...) but I'm putting it out there that I think an Arc Reactor challenge medal would be pretty sweet.  

I also think it's great that although the Avenger's have a wide appeal, it gives the guys a little something to have in their court to balance out the Princess and Tink weekends. We can't wait to learn more about all the details of this new race and will keep you posted!


QOTD: What do you think of the new Avenger's race weekend?

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