Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Breakfast of Champion's

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Tuesdays for me are the days I work out the longest. I have the day off so I can spend more time running and working out. I'm running my second half marathon in Buffalo, NY hopefully in June. So I decided its time to kick it into high gear and really get this nutrition In the morning thing down. I've posted about this before, I have some trouble fueling up in the mornings and if I run at night it's difficult to know how to eat during the day. I've been finding myself cramping up badly as well when running a longer distances; which I'm sure is because 1- I'm not drinking enough water and 2- I'm not properly eating throughout the entire day. But I do find a good breakfast will help we to feel better. 

A little side note, I'm also really looking forward to the weather changing. It can't come soon enough! I relate smoothies to the warmer seasons! So in hopes that this cold weather we are having will be over with soon, this morning starts my smoothie making on a consistent basis. 

I bought a magic bullet, it works great and is less expensive than a nutri bullet. I've been mixing it up with different frozen fruit/ fresh fruit selections and adding spinach, flax seed, and a liquid (usually either unsweetened almond milk or coconut water). The smoothies have been delicious and keeping me full for the morning into the afternoon. I feel good while running after drinking a smoothie, or I'll make one for right after my run/workout. 
I really like this little magic bullet blender because I can make an individual drink and not waste ingredients. I also love that you blend your drink in the same cup you can drink out of! 

It comes with a ring that you can put on the edge so you can comfortably drink out of it. But of course I also use my reusable Mickey straws :-)
I know this is a common thing, making smoothies and fueling up properly. But I still enjoy sharing my experiences, products I enjoy, and recipes. I would love to hear of any great smoothie combinations out there! 


QOTD: What are your favorite ingridents to put into a smoothie?

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