Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where in the (Walt Disney) World Wednesday- California Grill

California Grill is by far my favorite signature restaurant, or any restaurant for that matter, on Disney property. I have visited many times, and most recently Lauren and I ate there for our celebratory meal the day before our first half marathon. It has been newly refurbished with a slightly newer menu, some items changing just a bit with the seasons and some completely new and wonderful dishes. 

I have always tried to get a reservation a little bit later in the evening. If you go around the time of the Magic Kingdom fireworks you can actually watch them from the observation deck on the 15th floor of Disneys Contemporary Resort, where the California Grill is located. The Lights will dim and the music that is synchronized with the fireworks will be played in the restaurant and outside on the observation deck—"immersing Guests in the magic of the night." It's truly such a wonderful experience. Dining before the fireworks and still want to experience the show from this very cool view point? Not to worry! Bring your receipt to the check-in desk on the 2nd floor for reentry to the California Grill. Then, enjoy the show either from the California Grill Lounge or the outside observation deck.

If you are on the Disney Dining plan this meal will be worth 2 sit down meal credits. It is definitely worth it and will not disappoint. When we visited in November, I told them we were celebrating our first half marathon when I made the reservation back in April. When we arrived our table had a little something special on it for our celebration.

Lauren had the Oak-fired filet of beef with local tomato risotto, baby vine tomatoes, petite basil, and tomato butter. This is still on the menu! 
My curry crusted scallop dish with a pumpkin ravioli was seasonal and is no longer on the menu, but it sure was delicious. 
We got a dessert because we were on the Disney dining plan, creme brûlée, and of course they added some Disney magic to get us pumped up and congratulate us on our half marathon. 

I've always enjoyed eating here. The food and wine selection is amazing with a great atmosphere to match. I highly recommend trying this signature restaurant if you haven't already. 


QOTD: What is your favorite signature Disney restaurant? 

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