Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where in the (Walt Disney) World Wednesday-La Cava Del Tequila

Have we mentioned yet that we like to eat? We also like to drink, sampling local cocktails from around the world showcase. One of our favorite places to stop is La Cava Del Tequila located inside the pyramid in Mexico. Here you can either sit down for some chips, salsa and a margarita or grab a drink to go from the bar. They have an extensive menu of different margaritas and tequila shots/flights that never disappoint. I can honestly say I've never had a bad drink here. I've sampled the wild passion fruit, avocado, hibiscus, and jalapeƱo margaritas (not all at once) and they're all top notch.

How can you say no to such a beautiful concoction?!

One of my favorite things about La Cava is that they are very active on social media and are frequently hosting promotions. Make sure you follow them on twitter and Facebook as that's where they'll announce a lot of their promotions. During Wine & Dine weekend if you came in with your medal they had goodies to give away! We got organic agave nectar and keychains (that looked like a legend of the hidden temple shirt). Where else are you going to get free stuff in Disney?! Right now they're hosting a Facebook contest until Saturday the 22nd to win a $50 gift certificate so check it out! Who can't use $50 towards delicious margaritas?!

Free swag!

While you're there make sure to say hola! to our favorite bartender, Pepe! He mixes up a mean drink and can even suggest some that may not be on the menu.


QOTD: Have you even been to La Cava Del Tequila, what's your favorite drink or snack?

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